A message from our Lettings team

A BIG Thank you! to all our current & new landlords, it’s been a very hard but successful 12 months with our new team in place.No.1 Locally because of professionalism, honesty & integrity. Here to provide great customer service. Nothing false or plastic about us we are the real deal. Due to our hard work this year we have seen a huge 40% uplift in business. We are 1st out of 29 offices in...

Rightmove stats

It’s official! We are Number 1

True certified fact - More people trust the First Step Team to help them sell their property - check out our Rightmove stats here - https://bit.ly/3cCbrtf Rightmove stats from 1st April 2020 to 31st March 2021 in the Stotfold, Arlesey and Fairfield area / County Report from May 1st 2020 to 30th April 2021 Please call 01462 659730 for your FREE valuation and moving adviceRead what our customers think...

First Step Lettings & Property Service – News Update – October 2019

Gaye Kelford has now joined the team and the latest news about First Step Property Services. I am pleased to announce that due to the ever-increasing popularity of our Lettings Department and Property Services. Gaye joined our Lettings Team at the end of September and is currently being introduced to all our landlords and tenants. Gaye comes to us with a wealth of experience and she maybe known...

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