So why not the High Street?

old ladyA well-known local Estate Agent went to value a property of an elderly person and was told because of having 6 shops in the local town on the High Street, that every Saturday they see lots of people visiting them to pick up details and discuss property on sale in the local area.

To test this out the lady went to the their shop at about 10.30am on Saturday. When she arrived there was a note on the door ‘Out on a viewing please call this number’. Amused by this, as it’s apparently the shops busiest time of the week she decided to wait. Thirty minutes later a member of staff turned up, in the meantime the lady stated she saw nobody else approach the shop. The lady walked in and sat down whilst the lady estate agent was taking her coat off.
The elderly lady asked about new properties in the area and was told by the estate agent she was unsure of what had come on to the market with them as she was only part-time. The lady estate agent quickly turned her computer on and looked on Rightmove at her company listings in the local area. She stated that their company system was a little slow and Rightmove was quicker to operate. The older lady then asked ‘when is the busiest time for them is it a Saturday morning or is it a Saturday afternoon or is it in the week as today seemed a bit slow in the shop’.

The part-time lady estate agent responded that because of the internet nowadays the shops are rarely busy as everybody looks on Rightmove and Zoopla then people phone in to arrange viewings. The elderly lady left the shop and came to instruct ourselves as we had been honest and upfront about our services and told the manager of the high street estate agent as such when he phoned. He then became very cross with her for not choosing his company. She stated I may be old but you can’t bully me or kid me which you tried to do plus charge me a much more expensive fee. She bid him good day and she successfully moved back up to Scotland at the beginning of this year.

Being one of few internet based Estate Agents our costs are kept low, giving us a saving we happily pass onto our clients with 0.75% + VAT on sales. Not having a retail office enables us to keep client friendlier hours not retail hours.

With our refreshing honest approach we can help you put the fun back into achieving your goal within our local property market.



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