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Mortgage rates coming down, Bank of England rates going up…where does that leave you…CONFUSED?

It’s important to remember that at the right price, property is still selling & renting.

We’re not only here to sell or rent your home, we also provide invaluable and independent property and mortgage advice to help you understand these confusing times.

We prefer not to use online valuation tools as there are so many variables when valuing your property, especially now. We prefer to talk directly to you by meeting face to face at your home (or you can come to our local office).

With the maturity of our team, we’ve lived through similar times in the 80’s and 90’s, we have the experience to help and understand your circumstances to offer key advice.

There has never been a better time to use a professional independent financial advisor” – The Martin Lewis Money Show 2023

Our Financial advisor, Lee Kitching of with many years of invaluable experience shares the same business ethic as Jules & David at First step, our advice to you is “what is right for you and not us”. Lee is in continual dialogue with lenders across the whole of the market at mortgage interest rates are coming down / changing weekly – these new rates are following the disastrous 2022 mini budget when rates soared to 6% but are now dropping back to circa 4%/4.5% in March & April, slightly less depending on if you have more equity in your property.

As a result, since the start of April we have see a huge uplift in property enquiries and sales thereafter. The Spring market has at last truly arrived

You will see from our testimonials that we are No 1 in our area, because people trust what we do.

Testimonial from local Stotfold resident:

“Thank you to First Step for your prompt response to our interest. David was open, honest, and frank with his advice and suggestions shared, couldn’t have asked for anything more. I will mull over our possible options. If the decision is one to sell, then rest assured, First Step will be our first and only choice.
Thank you to all of you at First Step, keep up the great work.”

Please contact the First Step team on 01462 659730 for your FREE valuation

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