First Step Lettings & Property Service – News Update – October 2019

Gaye Kelford has now joined the team and the latest news about First Step Property Services.

I am pleased to announce that due to the ever-increasing popularity of our Lettings Department and Property Services.

Gaye joined our Lettings Team at the end of September and is currently being introduced to all our landlords and tenants.

Gaye comes to us with a wealth of experience and she maybe known to a few of you from when she worked with a good friend of mine, Mark Lloyd, who owned Acorn Estates in Hitchin, he had many branches across the county. Gaye was one of Mark’s Branch Managers before he sold his business and in his own words he stated, “Gaye is excellent management material, you will be lucky to have her!” … and here we are, luck is obviously on our side as Gaye has joined us in our ever-expanding Lettings Team.

If you live locally you may have noticed a few new First Step Property Services vans being driven around. First Step have teamed up with Greg & Kelly from Lambert & Co. We first met Greg & Kelly 4 years ago when we helped sell their house and then painstakingly found them a house to move in to (it was the 35th house they viewed – the house of their dreams – bless!).

It was during this time that we got to know them very well and liked their approach to life and business. Greg & Kelly have worked successfully with us now for over 2 years, so jointly we decided that we should work together on a more permanent basis. During this period, Greg, Kelly and their team demonstrated that they have the same dedication to customer service as First Step, just as importantly they share the same dedication to provide an excellent customer experience which we have.

We started First Step Property Services in Autumn 2018 and we are now heading towards our 1st anniversary.  We have been able to steadily grow this important side of our business, servicing and helping a lot of our First Step clients, along with lots of new clients through our testimonials and client recommendations which is the First Step way of growing the business.

As we grow, we obviously need to be mindful of how we got here and that is through excellent service levels.

The government are also putting in place many new checks to bring more regulation to the Estate Agency business. Which we believe isn’t a bad thing in the long term.  We do believe whatever Government is in place, the new systems are here to stay and that’s why we are continuing our re-investment back into the company to make us stronger. We feel this will help retain and bring on many new clients as we are seen to embrace change in overdue regulation updates.


David Taylor

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