Covid-19 Viewing Protocol

Updated 9th March 2022

Although Covid restrictions were lifted in the UK on 24th February 2022, at First Step we are still committed to keeping our customers safe. 

If any of our customers are classed as vunerable or would like us to still wear face masks or gloves during our meetings or whilst at a viewing we are happy to abide by those wishes. Our team still have PPE as a matter of course.

Please be advised that our average viewings will take a maximum of 10mins inside the property, further discussions about the property can if preferred, take place socially distanced outside in the fresh air.


We are still offering viewings as follows:


We have implemented a pre-screening control process, as well as a Health & Safety Risk Assessment when arranging viewings on all properties that we are marketing, this is for the protection of all our potential purchasers, tenants, vendors as well as our own team members, to ensure the continuity of the services we provide remains in operation. Everybody’s safety and welfare are of paramount importance to us.

We would like for you to read the following points to confirm that all parties attending a viewing are free from any of the symptoms listed below and have not been shielding or self-isolating.

Please advise if either of you have any symptoms listed below?

A dry or continuous cough

High Temperature

Shortness of breath and/or breathing difficulties

Is anyone shielding/self-isolating

Has anyone travelled overseas or been in contact with anyone that has travelled overseas and if this is the case has the individual been quarantined upon their return for 10 days if those countries haven’t got reciprocal travel quarantine agreements in place?

Please be advised that we are only offering viewings to potential buyers or people looking to rent who are from the same household, up to a maximum of 2 people and not to include any children.

Those persons carrying out the viewings will be adhering to health and safety protocol ie: wearing masks, gloves, sanitising with antibacterial hand and surface spray. We will also provide the necessary PPE for potential buyers entering the property if required.

Prior to entering the properties, we would have already asked the vendor/landlord/tenant/developer to:-

  • Open all windows and internal doors to allow ventilation throughout the property and we will carry out social distancing throughout the viewing.

Failure to answer these questions, or us not receiving the required satisfactory reply will result in us not being able to arrange a viewing for you.

Due to the nature of Covid-19 our procedures and protocols are constantly being reviewed on a daily basis.

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