David Taylor

Sales & Marketing Director

  • Service Areas: Sales & Lettings

About David Taylor

Partner to Jules. David & Jules both started First Step in 2010.
David has successfully guided the company and overseen the impressive growth from its inception. With a hugely proactive mind David has recognised and created opportunities for the company and his complete focus on expanding the business has enabled the company to be as successful as it is today, always with his mind still searching for the next opportunity.
On a day-to-day basis David is involved in all Residential & New Build Developments valuations, company marketing and all aspects of finance. David is a born leader, very considerate, very generous and an inspiration to the greatly valued team members who have been with the company for many years.
A true Northerner with family roots in Lancashire, David has now been local to Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire & Central London for the last 25 years.
David also enjoys early power walks with Jules around the local countryside before work to prepare his mind ready for the day’s challenges ahead.

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